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Recall Coupling Ball K50

For safety reasons, AL-KO Vehicle Technology is recalling the K50 hitch ball.

During a quality test, we determined a potential product risk on the above-mentioned hitch ball. There is a risk of tensile separation due to a breakage of the hitch ball if it is used for a D-value higher than 17.2.



Based on these findings and in order to avoid any risk of accident, we immediately introduced the following preventive measures:

  • Distribution of the products has been discontinued.
  • All products in use are being recalled.

In concrete terms, this means: Cars with a permissible gross weight of up to 3.5 tons are generally not affected.
For vehicles with a maximum permissible gross weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes, the D-value must be calculated according to the following formula:

          D: Required D-value in kilonewtons (kN)
          T: Technically permissible gross weight of the towing vehicle in tonnes (t)
          R: Technically permissible gross weight of the towing vehicle in tonnes (t)
          g: Gravitational acceleration (9.81 m/s²)

T and R can be found in the vehicle documents of the towing vehicle with the K50 hitch ball. (Certificate of Approval Part 1 / Vehicle registration document).
If the resulting D value is greater than 17.2, the hitch ball must be removed.

The following notes must be observed:

  • Only the information from the vehicle documents of the towing vehicle is valid
  • The permissible trailer load refers to the information in the vehicle registration document of the towing vehicle, not of the trailer
  • The ball coupling is only approved up to 3.5t, therefore, regardless of the information in the vehicle registration, only 3.5 t are allowed.
  • For the calculation of the D value therefore only max. 3.5t are to be used.
  • If the vehicle has an alternative or additional hitch, this does not affect the K50​


Here you can calculate the D value

Product information:

  • Recalled by: AL-KO Vehicle Technology
  • Product type: K50 hitch ball
  • Brand name: AL-KO
  • AL-KO article number: 1 275 100
  • Sales period: from 2007
  • Reason for the recall: Risk of breakage of the hitch ball
  • Risk: Risk of tensile separation
  • Product identification: AL-KO / K50 / S250

For this reason, we request you to:

  • immediately discontinue the sale and/or assembly of this product and contact us to take back any inventory
  • report the contact details of customers to whom the above-mentioned product has been sold, so that we can write to them directly
  • Write to affected customers yourself. Please use the following document for this

You can contact us as follows: 

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.