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Recall Jaw

For reasons of caution and as a precautionary measure, AL-KO is recalling eight product numbers of its Ø 29 mm road-use pin coupling towing devices

During a quality inspection we noticed a potential product risk with above mentioned jaw couplings. It may happen that the casting which holds the bolt of the coupling device may break and as a consequence the trailer can be detached.




Based on this fact and in order to avoid any risk of an accident we are implementing following preventive actions:

  • Immediate stop of production and sale of the Ø 29 mm jaw couplings.
  • Recall and exchange of all products in circulation. As we stopped the production of the jaw coupling, it is not possible to exchange the products 1:1. We offer a higher-value hook coupling as replacement.


Product information:

  • Product recalled by: AL-KO SAS
  • Product type: Road-use pin coupling towing device Ø 29 mm
  • Make: GOËTT
  • AL-KO item code numbers: 1275442, 1275443, 1275444, 1275700
  • RTN reference numbers: CH040000CB, CH040000KB, CH040000DB, CH040000FB
  • Marketing period: Since October 2014 
  • Reason for the recall: Risk of rupture of the ‘as-cast’ raw casting
  • Risk: Accident (notably on the road)


For this reason we ask you to contact one of our service branches that we can process the exchange of your coupling/s: 

  • Telephone: Call 0800 25 56 000 service number for calls free of charge. 
  • E-mail to

Further information about the recall and contact options in Europe:


Further processing can be found in the following document. If you have purchased this product, we ask that you stop using it.

We have to apologize for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your cooperation and support.