Vehicle technology

Motorhome rear racks and trailers for transporting two-wheelers

If you travel in your motorhome, you have your set of wheels with you at all times. Nevertheless, it can be useful to have a bike or a scooter on board as well. With the load carriers for the motorhome from the AL-KO brand SAWIKO, the transport of bicycles, scooters and motorcycles becomes child’s play.

Rear ‘garage’ or rack for your motorhome?

If you want to take along two-wheelers with you, you have several options. Larger camper vans often have their own rear garage, in which equipment as well as bicycles or scooters can be stowed. There is usually very little space in the motorhome, though. You would probably prefer to use the rear garage for your luggage. SAWIKO therefore offers two ways to secure your extra means of travel outside the motorhome.

A separate trailer for the motorhome

Rear racks for motorhomes are not designed for heavy loads. Compact trailers are the better solution for motorcycles or quads. With separate kits, the trailers can be adjusted to suit changing circumstances. You want to switch from the bicycle to a motorcycle? You need space to accommodate additional luggage? It’s no problem at all with accessories from AL-KO. If your motorhome does not have a trailer hitch, it can also be retrofitted.

More information on our rear carrier systems for motorhomes can be found here