Vehicle technology




Driving safety in every situation. Verified safety and quality through practical tests. The unrivalled performance of the AL-KO CHASSIS is based on the hot-dip galvanised, lightweight low frame and the wide track chassis with independent suspension. An ESP/ESC as standard provides additional safety. An innovative concept for increased safety, better drive dynamics and noticeably improved driving comfort.






Increased comfort even in commercial vehicles. The AL-KO CHASSIS not only provides reliable technology and greater driving comfort, but it also allows for a wide variety accessories for commercial vehicles. This enables you to remain flexible at all times and tailor the vehicle to your specific requirements. The AL-KO low frame chassis, longitudinal link axles and the AL-KO wide-track chassis offer distinct and noticeable driving comfort.





Lightweight and economical

Thanks to innovative lightweight technology the AL-KO chassis can save crucial weight without having a negative impact on the excellent stability of the frame structure. AL-KO can fulfill many requirements - longer wheelbases and optimally tuned overhangs are no problem with the AMC Chassis. The hot-dip galvanised lightweight frames guarantee long service life and make sound economic sense, with greater benefits from weight savings and lower fuel consumption.

What our engineers save in weight, you can add as cargo!






Over 220,000 vehicles with AL-KO chassis have been produced to date. Highlights of the AL-KO commercial vehicle chassis include the flexibility of dimensions and frame heights, the hot-dip galvanised lightweight frame as well as the excellent and safe driving characteristics. AL-KO is a certified partner of FIAT Professional, Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen commercial vehicles and meets strict quality standards. Vehicle operators benefit from added value and lower operating costs.