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Premium chassis for your Tiny House on Wheels

Minimalist living in the smallest of spaces is becoming increasingly popular in Germany too. Tiny Houses are, as the name suggests, small houses that turn a few square meters into a home. A special solution is required to ensure these four walls really do provide enough space for all the daily essentials. Because of their small dimensions, many Tiny Houses are built as mobile versions. They stand on a chassis and can be driven from A to B with a suitable towing vehicle in the same way as a caravan.

Maximum flexibility with the Tiny House trailer from AL-KO

If you want to create your own bespoke Tiny House on Wheels, you need a modular and reliable base for it. AL-KO Tech is a proven manufacturer of chassis components for caravans, motor homes and commercial vehicles. We also offer chassis for Tiny Houses.

We draw on years of knowledge and experience to provide the best base for the small houses. Our chassis are of high quality workmanship, securely positioned and sturdy. They are particularly durable and long-lasting thanks to their hot-dip galvanization.

Tiny House trailers from AL-KO can be used with a wide range of common manufacturers’ bodies and, thanks to their flexibility, are also suitable for DIY enthusiasts as well as for service providers building Tiny Houses to order. Thanks to the modular frame concept, the AL-KO Chassis for Tiny House can easily be used to create different body lengths and tailor-made bodies. The high dimensional accuracy enables precision work. AL-KO uses a form-fitting shear-cam screw connection, with flat-head screws on the support surface for the lowest possible interference contour.

The chassis are delivered in assembled condition including mudguards, automatic support wheel and tires. Depending on the model, our plug-in supports are available in stable form or as heavy-duty supports, which safely stabilize the Tiny House. If required, you can mount additional AL-KO support systems that work optimally with the chassis. The chassis’ lighting is already integrated in accordance with road traffic licensing regulations as well.

High-loader: Without obtrusive wheel arches

AL-KO offers two chassis variants depending on the planned Tiny House’s selected size. Which one you choose ultimately depends on how big your Tiny House will be, how often you want to move it and how high the top edge of the frame on which the Tiny House is placed should be. The advantage of an high-loader is that their supporting surface is not interrupted by a wheel arch. So you don't have to integrate it into your house and you have a little more space – an important factor for a little house. Furthermore, the wheel arches do not have to be taken into account during construction. With AL-KO, you can obtain the high-loader chassis as a 2- or 3-axle vehicle.

Low-loader for more build height on Tiny House trailers

A low-loader has a lower height and allows a higher build on the chassis. The load’s lower low point has a positive effect on road handling. If you are often on the road with your Tiny House, this chassis is worth considering. Moreover, it is easier to build e.g. sleeping accommodation on it. The disadvantage of course is that the wheel arches have to be included in the construction. The low-loader from AL-KO is available as a 2-axle trailer.

There are no limits to creativity

What you do with the AL-KO Chassis for Tiny Houses is entirely up to you. The chassis are as flexible as possible, so you can make your dream home come true. There are (almost) no limits. However, please note that in Germany your house including the chassis may not be higher than 4 meters or wider than 2.55 meters and may not weigh more than 3.5 tons.

Chassis for Tiny House